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DataMapThe world of business data location is changing rapidly. The Maine Coast Welcome Center works hard to have our guests find you.

GPS systems show business locations. In rural areas like Maine, locations are often inaccurate. I've had a traditional GPS for years and as registered data mappers for the GPS map providers we've helped our business partners correct their locations.

Nothing worse than a cancellation because the GPS took your customer to your competitor's parking lot.

Initially, I wasn't all that impressed with Smart Phones because I had a GPS anyway. Then my GPS broke. Well, a Smart Phone is a Phone, Camera, & GPS all in one. Now, like millions of others, I have a GPS with me all the time. As I visit our business partners, I see how many are still showing in the WRONG LOCATION !

Something new is happening in the world of business data location. Business data is important and is being searched and delivered to GPS's. How is your business DataMap created ???

Remember this form you filled out to register your business?EIN-C

This data gets fed to the primary data services, who feed it to the web search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

Many new services are popping up to deliver data. Yahoo!, YellowBot, Yelp and more every day. Each uses "WEB harvesting" technology to search for new business information on the Internet. Some use "Crowd-sourcing" to let anyone enter information. While it's nice to get listed, it's better to have correct, consistent information about your business.

Unfortunately many businesses are LOCATED IMPROPERLY. As Google admits "We're aware that some addresses aren't roof-top accurate. ... We rely on a technique called 'address interpolation .... where we ... assume the address location."

Incorrect data.... incorrect locations.... what can be done to correct your business location?dike

You could chase each and every incorrect reference to your business. Each time you get added to a new service you can check it and correct it, plugging each leak as it occurs.  here is a better way...

Introducing Maine Coast Welcome Center's DataMapping Service

We will help you take control of your business Data & business location Mapping.Data-Systems
We're partners with the data sources for 97% of all including Google / Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, AOL,, Mapquest, and others. This means your business information will be consistent and correct across the internet, including  the downstream Web harvesters.

We are registered data mappers for all the GPS systems. This means customers looking for you will find you on the map without having to know your street address!GPS-Systems

How it works: first a data audit to see how your business is currently registered to the Internet.
This will reflect the base business information about your business.

Then a second level audit to see how you been picked up by the Web harvesters.
This will show if any duplicates exist for your business, with inconsistent addresses or phone numbers.

Finally, a map audit to see if your business is located properly. This will show where, and if, your business is currently placed on the Internet maps.

We'll develop a plan to correct your business DataMap. Consistent business information across the Internet.

Try playing tourist yourself.... zoom around your town with a GPS or Map program & see if you're "On the Map."

TeleAtlas - Navteq - Google

If your not happy with what you find, call us for a free data review. We can fix your DataMap.  

Call Jim @ 207-415-5646


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